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18th February 2008

fine_clarity12:38am: eugenic intentional communities
Eugenicists are uncommon, so there is no way that eugenicists will be able to convert any existing country or state/province into a 'eugenic nation'. There is one viable option though, which is to pool the resources of eugenicists so as to establish an intentional community in which the people practice eugenics.

The largest group of people that are considering living in an intentional community is the yahoogroup http://groups.yahoo.com/group/INTENTIONALCOMMUNITIES/ . I advise all eugenicists to join it.

14th September 2006

mr_reed2:43pm: Updated About Page.
It was a bit on the belligerent side.

Consider for a moment that civilization can head in the wrong direction in spite of abundant comforts. Great societies are created by great people; individuals who have an innate sight and sensitivity towards the complexities of organizing human beings co-operatively en masse. However, as is common in history, when the qualities of a populace cease to conflate with its founding forefathers, it begins a state of decline. Such societies can be sustained for a while by intelligent operators, but lacking the integral nature of civilization builders, they eventually fail. Considering this, it seems advantageous for innate qualities equal to or better than that of the source to be encouraged, embraced and rewarded while discouraging and banishing qualities which don’t stand up.

Natural selection can increase or decrease the frequency of an allele (alternative version of a gene created by mutation) depending on the demands of the environment. Mutation, or change in hereditary material, happens randomly in nature and is the force which creates allele and subsequently fuels the process of evolution. However, not all mutation is “good” or beneficial to the species, and the way with which selection affects the species (or: which allele are best suited for the environment and thus passed on) determines their survival in the long term. Selection that weeds out harmful alleles is called “negative” selection. What increases the frequency of helpful alleles is “positive” selection.

Eugenics is the process of directing evolutionary selection within a lineage for a specific purpose. It decides which traits are beneficial and selects appropriate individuals to breed together in order to produce a population specific in design. Contrary to popular belief, this sort of population cannot be achieved through education, at least not conceivably beyond a generation or two, as it is innate intelligence which created civilization in the first place, and without it, civilization wanes into a state of depression and ignorance as is found today until it eventually disappears altogether. Thus eugenics practices both “positive” and “negative” selection.

When applying eugenics to humans, there are some things to consider. Of course, it’s obvious that the traits selected as worthy are beneficial to both mankind and its environment as a whole, lest the population become self-destructive (i.e. damage its environment irrecompensively) and die out, effectively failing the experiment. Therefore the criterion is selected based upon the integrally good qualities of humankind: high moral character, physical strength and beauty, aesthetic sensibility and intelligence.

It is at this point, the process of isolating the appropriate traits among a population, where nationalism is implemented. In order for a eugenic system, where hereditary qualities are specifically selected, to be effective its components must be limited in gene flow exposure. Gene flow is where organisms of a distantly related population interbreed, introducing new allele into the gene pool. Eugenics must bar gene flow so that new mutations aren’t constantly being introduced into the system, thus continually bringing the entire process to ground zero.

What nationalism is: an understanding that society is both an organic entity with components (us), designed selectively to function within society through the evolution of culture, that operate best in harmony and also a component to a greater whole -- the universe. It is the system which understands that civilizations are not distinguished by political concerns alone, targets the internal qualities that truly identify us and works to give each group enough space that it can serve its orders best. What nationalism isn’t: a degree of the same order as patriotism or racism, as nationalism existed before these things and will exist long after them.

When nationalism is adopted, appropriately allowing each autonomous group to decide the course of their fate (opposed to inter-nationalism, wherein the fate of all is decided by a handful of nations -- more specifically: not the nations themselves but their corrupt leaders – who politically and militarily powerful enough to manipulate international law to their advantage), the process of eugenics can begin. Only at this point will we be poised to curb the idiotic dimwitting that has befallen the modern world: where morons are in charge because they simply outnumber the intelligent and enlightened, and in turn ruin everything for everyone. Forever and ever, amen.


24th July 2006

mr_reed1:29pm: Uncomplicated
Watching the duality of both a new crop of nationalist organizations worldwide and their failure can make any observer of history want to throw hands to the sky in discomprehension. Like all things in life, if we remove the chaff generated by human emotions and fears, we can see what logically needs to be done and create a new world in its image.

Clearly nationalism is part of any necessary future society because autonomy for each ethnic-cultural group is necessary for them to exist; ethnic groups that mix with others become dissolved and turn into "new" things that invariably become the same old thing, or the cultureless random mix of novelties and businesses. Healthy people are proud of their heritage and will defend it. This is why nationalism is on the rise: thanks to globalism, we now see the threat of becoming generic mixed populations and being bred into a uniform grey.

However, nationalists are like anyone else, and in a time of so much emotional reaction, they also become reactionary. Instead of looking at the simple truth, they bluster on with speeches and threats of violence, turning most people away from their ideas. Who wants another world war? Or, for that matter, another totalitarian state? (While it's clear that the "freedom" of the modern West leads to decadence and needs to be in some ways limited, this can be accomplished without midnight raids by masked commandos and secret files on every citizen.)

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22nd June 2006

mr_reed2:14pm: Border Security: It's Possible?
Total detentions of aliens attempting to sneak across the Mexican border have plummeted an unimaginable 21% in the first 10 days of June compared to the same period last year. This drop occurs at a time when enforcement efforts are at a recent high, due to political concerns, and reflects a precipitous drop in total attempted border crossings. According to an Associated Press report, Jorge Vazquez, a director of “Grupo Beta,” an agency funded by the Mexican government and that works to aid and abet Mexicans seeking to enter the United States illegally, his agents have seen a similar drop in traffic on his side of the border.

The shocking drop-off in human smuggling is attributed to one factor: the arrival of the National Guard on the border. That’s quite an accomplishment for just 55 guardsmen, who did not even arrive until June 3 and are working entirely in support roles with the Border Patrol. What has really stemmed the tide is just the idea that troops are coming to the border—a fact that has found widespread exaggeration in the Mexican media.

[You hear one-world sympathizers and Mexican nationalists say again and again that walls don’t work; the border cannot be effectively secured, they moan. It appears they’re wrong or, more likely, just lying. Were our orders saner we would have ALL National Guard (those who guard the nation) at home securing the borders instead of in distant lands, dying to secure political and corporate special interests.]

21st June 2006


15th June 2006

mr_reed10:27am: The Case for Eugenics in a Nutshell
1. Human intelligence is largely hereditary.

2. Civilization depends totally upon innate intelligence. Without innate intelligence, civilization would never have been created. When intelligence declines, so does civilization.

3. The higher the level of civilization, the better off the population. Civilization is not an either-or proposition. Rather, it's a matter of degree, and each degree, up or down, affects the well-being of every citizen.

4. At the present time, we are evolving to become less intelligent with each new generation. Why is this happening? Simple: the least-intelligent people are having the most children.

5. Unless we halt or reverse this trend, our civilization will invariably decline. Any decline in civilization produces a commensurate increase in the collective "misery quotient."

Logic and scientific evidence stand behind each statement listed above.


2nd June 2006

mr_reed9:08am: White Power
When we look at the second problem of white societies unacknowledged by white power groups, we get into a more complex situation: what is the ideal design for a society? If we thought clearly, we might say:

(a) Leadership by the capable: genius intelligence, conscientious application, empathic understanding but given toward seeing the whole picture and not the conflicting demands of individuals.

(b) Does not trash its environment through reckless industry and overpopulation (the primary threat to our environment is land overuse, as with sufficient natural land to absorb, process and counter our pollution through oxygen production, it can deal with us just fine -- yet when we occupy almost all of the land that can be civilized, whether with farms or factories, we destroy that nurturing support structure).

(c) Has healthy values that place creativity, sobriety, sexual selectivity and marital fidelity, heroism and transcendence above temporary pleasures such as physical satiation and seizure of power or acting out of emotional desires (revenge, hatred, desire to be loved through popularity).

(d) Gives to each of us a place where we can contribute meaningfully, and returns the rest of our time to us. The average person works 8-10 hours and commutes nearly two per day; this leaves 4-6 hours for paying bills, haggling with service providers, fixing up the house, spending time with family, spending time with friends, etc., per day. Weekends for most people consist of a day for errands and a day for rest, with one or two nights of recreation in between. This amounts to too little time for a quietude of contemplation and devotion to family and friends and society in a meaningful way; instead, we get token applications of each and, because people are constantly exhausted, lots of television watching.

(e) Produces higher culture, learning, arts and heroes.

(f) Rewards those of a higher nature, and ushers the criminal, mentally defective, stupid, ugly and petty-minded toward evolutionary extinction.

White societies lack all of these things, and have now for centuries. Until we fix these roots of the problem, all of the symptoms will re-invent themselves even if some genocidal master plan is implemented to clear out all non-whites (which would be a shame, seeing how most of them were invited here by white people as labor, and in innocence believe they can find a "better" life here, although what they really mean by that is greater wealth and technology). Our problem is that our people do not agree on a sensible course of action, together, because they are too busy with individual pursuits of pleasure, wealth, comfort. We are divided and surrounded by (white) people of low quality. White power organizations ignore that reality, and prefer to send us on a wild goose chase after non-whites, so that white privilege can take the place of actually fixing our society. Not only does this ignore the problem, but by offering a placebo solution, perpetuates it.


23rd May 2006

mr_reed3:30pm: Traffic lights are racist.
Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, has signed off a report by his force’s traffic unit which shows that black people account for 46% of all arrests generated by new automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

Although ANPR technology is impartial, the disproportionate number of blacks being arrested has prompted the Met to investigate.

The arrests have been broken down by ethnicity in a report sent last month to the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), to which the force is accountable.

It reveals that between April 2005 and January this year the units generated 2,023 arrests. Of these 923 were black suspects, while 738 (36%) came from white backgrounds. Asians accounted for just over 9% of arrests.
However, statistics from the 2001 census show that the highest black population in any borough is no greater than about 25%. The proportion of black people across the capital as a whole is about 11%.

14th May 2006

mr_reed3:28pm: "Racist" Hate Mail Against Poulsbo
POULSBO - The words are ugly and vicious, and they sent a chill through a local festival.

Racist hate mail sent to Poulsbo is directed at a young African-American woman who is "Miss Viking Fest".

Campbell loves being this year's Miss Viking Fest. The yearly Poulsbo festival is a celebration of all things Scandinavian. In spite of its heritage, no one was surprised when the articulate, pretty young woman won this year's competition.

"You don't have to be of Viking stock," says Kathi Foresee, Viking Fest secretary, "I don't even know that all of us that work on the organization are of Viking stock," she laughs.

But then came the hate mail. At least a dozen racist e-mails - all from outside of Poulsbo - asked festival organizers how they could let a black woman represent a Viking Festival.

They say the words are ugly, vicious and racist, but what did these e-mails actually say? The article skirts around this issue in hopes that its readers are sensitive enough to the cry of racism that they wont ask questions. The local news paraphrased one of the messages as saying, "Why should this Negro be queen of a festival honoring mostly blond-haired, blue-eyed White people?"

My question is this: is that really such an outrageous question to ask? In a festival celebrating Viking heritage, how appropriate is it to crown a black woman as queen? And if they really dont care about the involvement of Viking stock, why call it a celebration of all things Scandinavian in the first place?

Lets say the shoe was on the other foot, and a white woman was crowned queen of an Afro-American festival. Would it be unreasonable for blacks proud of their heritage to call that inappropriate? Would it be ugly, vicious or racist, or is this simply an example of the oversensitivity of modern day political correctness; that Scandinavian whites are not allowed to ask questions, complain or be upset when a festival supposedly honoring and celebrating their culture and heritage misrepresents them?

21st April 2006

mr_reed11:54am: How to Have Peace, Finally
1. End Envy. When everyone in society competes for money alone, envy and resentment run high and so does sleight of hand behavior. Let's stop the rat race. In a healthy culture, every job is important and given its place, and no one is left to rot at the bottom of the competitive heap except blatant incompetents.

2. Reduce pollution and urban blight. We're all scrabbling toward the top of the pile so we don't get left in a ghetto. But running away to the suburbs no longer protects us from deranged urban dwellers. A solution is to fix our cities and o put some people in jail for life if all they do is destroy things.

3. Kick our oil dependency. Oil is our heroin, our crack, our meth. We need a certain amount of it to run our economy. But do we really need individual cars, especially since they don't help us outrun the mess of the city? Do we really need all of these products? We can do just as well with less, and in fact be happier.

4. Support diversity. To have diversity, you need to have distinct ethnic groups. If you try to combine these groups, they'll fight for their own right to exist as a group and cause the ethnic warfare common to multicultural society. Let the ethnic groups separate and stop viewing such separation as a taboo "racism."

5. Don't try to hide different abilities. Billy is a genius, but Mary is a world-class athlete. We get embarrassed for both of these kids because they can't do something the other can. Let's end that charade. We're all different and we each have a place in the world. We don't need to be "equal" to be OK, and trying to force "equality" causes mayhem.

6. Allow people to live according to chosen values, even if they seem grotesque to us. In the west, our newspapers tell us that Muslims are primitive, women-abusing, tribal societies. But there is no science or philosophy that tells us reliability that such lifestyles are "bad." Tolerate difference.

7. Stop the war on drugs. Some people are gonna take 'em, and some are gonna drink to excess. Just keep them away from the kids and when they're observed screwing up on the job, fire them. We cannot afford the violence and police militarization of the war on drugs.

8. Forget the war between the sexes. If being equal means we gotta fight and have the 50% chance of divorce for every marriage we have, forget it. Let's respect each other for what we are and try to get along with more respect. "Equality" might be an illusory goal, since we've each got different equipment, inside and out, but respect and compassion are eternal.

9. Reverence. We're so busy chasing the holy dollar we've forgotten what it is to love life. Ancient monks in secluded monasteries saw intense concentration on tasks and appreciation of life as a form of prayer. Maybe this kind of soul stillness and inner beauty is missing in our lives, and we need to bring it back.

10. Open-mindedness. "Tolerance" implies not liking something, but putting up with it. Instead, we should try to understand that we each have different paths, and there is no ordained single route to glory. There are some things that are a good idea for everyone, but you have to do it for yourself. Be open-minded in the original meaning -- we know the goal, but there's more than one way to get there.

This message brought to you by AAAWL:

12th April 2006

mr_reed2:41pm: Race and Caste in Modern Mexico and Egypt

"The society the Spanish created in Mexico was highly race-conscious and racially stratified. Every person had an official racial classification: white, followed by casta (mixed white and Indian), with Indian and black at the botom. People had different rights based on their race ... Mexico is a racially diverse society, and it began as a caste society: one in which everyone was racially classified at birth and race determined people's rights and obligations. Modern Mexico has explicitly rejected caste structures. Race consciousness has been greatly reduced, but there are still racial inequalities ... But while government policies have minimized race consciousness in Mexico, racial inequalities persist. The government's refusal to collect data about race makes it hard to document racial inequalities that obviously exist. There is a strong association between skin color and status, and skin color and wealth. Whiteness is admired: la guera ("the blonde") is the ideal of feminine beauty, seen in advertisements, on television, and in the movies. Light skin and European features are associated with wealth and success; government officials and corporation executives look European. Dark skin is associated with Indians, with poverty, ignorance, and dirt. To call a person an Indio (Indian) is an insult..."


"Egypt is a racially mixed society. Its people come from Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe, but they have been mixing and intermarrying for thousands of years. As a result, Egyptians vary in their skin colors and facial features. There is no doubt that light skin is a source of prestige. Before the 1952 revolution, many families of the landowning elite were aristocrats descended from Egypt's earlier rulers (including Greeks, Turks and Macedonians). They were conscious of their lighter skin and sought similar spouses for their children (Hooglund, Egypt: A Country Study, p. 119). Today lighter skin is still associated with elite status, with wealth and power. Movie stars and women in advertisements tend to have light skin..."

[Global Sociology / Linda Schneider, Arnold Silverman]

Cf. Nietzsche: "The most frequent practice is for those of higher rank to name themselves according to their superiority in matters of power (as 'the powerful, 'the masters', 'those who command'), or according to the most visible sign of this superiority, as, for example, 'the wealthy', 'the owners' (that is the meaning of ARYA; and similar formulations can be found in Persian and Slavic)....The Latin malus [bad] (beside which I set melas [Greek: black, dark]) may designate the vulgar man as the dark-colored, above all as the black-haired man ("hic niger est—" [From Horace's Satires]), as the pre-Aryan occupant of the soil of Italy who was distinguished most obviously from the blond, that is Aryan, conqueror race by his color; Gaelic, at any rate, offers us a precisely similar case—fin (for example in the name Fin-Gal), the distinguishing word for nobility, finally for the good, noble, pure, originally meant the blond-headed, in contradistinction to the dark, black-haired aboriginal inhabitants." (On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, Section 5)

[Multicultural nations lack racial consistency and thus have few features among themselves to value, preferring the purer qualities of less diluted populations. They are scattered, disorganized and underconfident, and the more culturally and nationally deluded they grow, the worse it gets. Separation and isolation of nationalities for the sake of cultural purity will, like in ancient times, produce unique features for each culture to value within themselves, not to mention boost efficiency in all realms relevant to cultural and national interests.]

2nd April 2006

mr_reed1:08pm: Tradition
Like any transition between belief systems, the process of coming to understand National Socialism involves a plethora of detail-oriented questions before one comes to the point where a summary statement can be made. This statement, if presented too early to those who wish to understand the system to which they are in transit, will appear paradoxical or meaningless.

In the case of National Socialism, an experienced learner will have a different view from an outsider. An outsider might categorize it as "racism" or "totalitarianism" or even "tribalism," but the experience learner will probably say more simply: National Socialism is a transitional state on the path toward a traditional civilization. It is a way out of modern society and a conduit to a healthier, less manipulative form of existence.

Of course, those very words go against everything most people have been taught about National Socialism, so if they're still reading, they have probably formed a kneejerk response in their minds: "That's propaganda," or "They're covering up their real intentions" or even "Nazis don't have that kind of brainpower." These are the people who are truly "closed-minded." They won't stop to question what they've been taught long enough to learn what National Socialism actually is, starting with its goal.

Imagine that there was another way of organizing civilization that could have all of the things that modern society does, but would be motivated by an entirely different force. Where we motivate ourselves with utilitarian means, such as money (if people buy it, it's good) and votes (if it's popular, it's good), it is possible there is an entirely different way of finding out what is "good" for a civilization.

To escape our current civilization, and transfer over to this other civilization, will probably require an intermediate step based on what the two systems have in common instead of their differences (think of key changes in music: you select notes in common between the two keys, and play those for long enough to accustom the ear to that sound, and then add to it the notes for the new key). This means that when one looks at National Socialism from modern society, what we see are the intermediate and not final goals of the type of society that National Socialists desire.

The goal of National Socialism is to create a new civilization of a traditional type; the purpose of the National Socialist transition is to nurture the best people among us and educate them in the ways of traditional thinking so they are ready to create the new society in the future. This process will take longer than one generation, and if done correctly, will have none of the problems of revolutions and other destructive transfers of power.

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30th March 2006

mr_reed3:24pm: ON OLD AND NEW TABLETS
There stands the bark; over there perhaps the great nothing lies. But who would embark on this “perhaps”? No one of you wants to embark on the bark of death. Why then do you want to be world-weary? World-weary! And you are not even removed from earth. Lusting after the earth I have always found you, in love even with your own earth-weariness. Not for nothing is your lip hanging; a little earthly wish still sits on it. And in your eyes—does not a little cloud of unforgotten earthy joy float there?

There are many good inventions on earth, some useful, some pleasing: for their sake, the earth is to be loved. And there is such a variety of well-invented things that the earth is like the breast of a woman: useful as well as pleasing.

But you who are world-weary, you who are earth-lazy, you should be lashed with switches: with lashes one should make your legs sprightly again. For when you are not invalids and decrepit wretches of whom the earth is weary, you are shrewd sloths or sweet-toothed, sneaky pleasure-cats. And if you do not want to run again with pleasure, then you should pass away. To the incurable, one should not try to be a physician—thus Zarathustra teaches—so you shall pass away!

But it takes more courage to make an end than to make a new verse: all physicians and poets know that.
Thus spoke Zarathustra.

28th March 2006

piktorio4:01pm: Pacifism is for Undermen

At some point, the West decided it would rather roll over and play dead instead of dealing with the existential stress of having to constantly assert it. To be top dog means you have to act like one, and fight off all incomers, and at some point, people opted for personal comfort instead of being assertive. They justified it of course by saying they weren't interested in "just image," sounding of course like the exculpatory defensiveness of a stoned teenage metalhead explaining why he is, in fact, doing nothing with his life. Sour grapes, as the saying goes.

In the west, there was knowledge of what it was to keep up an empire. It had happened for centuries at that point, since the people of Central Europe went into the far north and thus rid themselves of any genetic strains that could not handle waiting a long time for gratification, and doing what raises one's environment to a higher degree of order regardless of the costs. They had during that expansion merged with the lower white races who had not made that pilgrimage, and picked up remnants of the collapsing Asian and North African and Semitic empires into parts of their bloodline. What it was to be European was changing.

Because they had decided to be pacifists, and not warlike, there was no overall challenge made to this. Anyone who did challenge it was seen as intolerant and mean, and un-Christian, and just downright terrible and unsociable. This caused others to have a second thought about speaking up; most of them turned in bitterness and said, "Well, it's your funeral, but I'm going to have my life and you can't touch me as long as I don't violate this taboo." The undermen* - the only people who are ever threatened by anyone who have higher-than-mediocre standards - rejoiced, for they knew that in time, they'd be able to take control.

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20th March 2006

mr_reed7:56pm: Species loss worst since the dinosaurs
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) -- Humans are responsible for the worst spate of extinctions since the dinosaurs and must make unprecedented extra efforts to reach a goal of slowing losses by 2010, a U.N. report said on Monday.

"In effect, we are currently responsible for the sixth major extinction event in the history of earth, and the greatest since the dinosaurs disappeared, 65 million years ago," said the 92-page Global Biodiversity Outlook 2 report.

A rising human population of 6.5 billion was undermining the environment for animals and plants via pollution, expanding cities, deforestation, introduction of "alien species" and global warming, it said.

It estimated the current pace of extinctions was 1,000 times faster than historical rates, jeopardizing a global goal set at a 2002 U.N. summit in Johannesburg "to achieve, by 2010, a significant reduction in the current rate of biodiversity loss".

[We should be proud about this: it used to take god-like natural disasters to extinct this many species. We’re being much more tedious and maniacal about it. I guess we win! But what does it say about a species so intelligent that their complex, dysfunctional orders eventually extinct themselves? At best, we can suppose the answer.]

19th March 2006

mr_reed11:56am: Study: White kids most likely to abuse inhalants
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Kids who try to get high by sniffing glue, lighter fluid and other chemicals are more likely to be white and come from families that make more than double the poverty level, according to a federal study.

Seventy percent were white; and first-time users were as likely to be girls as boys -- at 50.5 percent female to 49.5 percent male.

Inhaling chemicals can cause a quick, powerful high similar to the effects of drinking alcohol, according to the the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The symptoms are short-lived, so abusers often use the chemicals repeatedly to maintain their high.

The chemicals can cause serious side effects including seizures, asphyxiation, comas, heart failure and death.


[You have no values, white man, and you're breeding glue-snuffers. We don’t need any more of your kind; get your act together or get lost.]

11th March 2006

mr_reed10:53am: Pakistani cleric announces big reward for killing Prophet cartoonist
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) - A Pakistani cleric announced a $1-million US bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Muhammad caricatures, as thousands rallied across the country Friday and authorities arrested scores of protesters.

In Denmark, where the prophet drawings were first published in September, the government said Friday it had temporarily closed its embassy in Pakistan following the violent protests this week.

Pakistan recalled its ambassador to Denmark for "consultations" about the caricatures, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

[No, seriously; cultures can mix! I swear!]

8th March 2006

mr_reed9:36am: English speakers don’t belong in lawn service
The problems began last spring. Gray, 50, owns a lawn service business on the side. He was routinely driving to work in his pickup truck towing a trailer that he uses to carry lawn mowing equipment for his business. On the side of his trailer, the married father of two affixed a sign that reads "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American."

"There are a lot of people in the lawn service that are non-English speaking," Gray said. "Customers and different people were telling me that they have a hard time trying to communicate with them about the work they want done on their yards. I just want to let people know they at least can communicate with me when I do work on their property."

Arapahoe County officials told Gray the sign and hat must go or else. In a Nov. 10, 2005, letter, his supervisor Monty Sedlak wrote the following:

"Some of your conduct ... is reprehensible and discriminatory to our non-English speaking and/or Hispanic workforce. You are in violation of ... guidelines which ensure a workplace free from harassment and sensitive to the diversity of employees."

[Stop being Caucasian, it’s offensive.]

7th March 2006

mr_reed9:24am: Anti-racist nationalism and democracy
Anti-Racist Nationalists

The average person cannot distinguish between patriotism, nationalism and racism, and it is a mistake to assume they are degrees of the same order. Patriotism and racism are parts of the current political system, where nationalism is an order that has come both before and will come after the current order. It is a worldview and type of civilization that is irreconciliably opposed to the type of society we call "modern," and is equally opposed to both patriotism and racism.

Nationalism is understanding of each society as an organic entity. It is neither individualist nor collectivist, but is founded upon the belief that in the mathematics of the universe there are incentives to live according to a certain design, and that we as individuals fulfill this design, which includes but is not limited to the collective or the individual. The individual both serves this design and is served by it, for it provides a more stable and nourishing society than modernity can.

See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist -- it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn't built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist -- just because its anti-human. And race is in fact a human characterstic -- there's no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangable cogs who will purchase all the junk that's produced -- that's their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevent, and usually a nuisance.

[Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky (New York: The New York Press, 2002), pp.88-89]


6th March 2006

mr_reed10:31am: Study Predicts Rise in Overweight Children
LONDON (March 5) - The number of overweight children worldwide will increase significantly by the end of the decade, and scientists expect profound impacts on everything from public health care to economies, a study published Monday said.

Nearly half of the children in North and South America will be overweight by 2010, up from what recent studies say is about one-third, according to a report published by the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity.

"We have truly a global epidemic which appears to be affecting most countries in the world," said Dr. Philip James, chairman of the International Obesity Task Force and author of an editorial in the journal warning of the trend.

The percentages of overweight children also are expected to increase significantly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Egypt have rates comparable to fully industrialized nations, James said.

[When the English came to the Americas, the Indians were inundated with diseases they weren’t prepared to fight against. Now, as the States invade other countries (metaphorically and literally), the disease of consumerism is spreading and – go figure – everyone’s getting fat. The ancient nations of the world must regain their national identity and the States must get a better one. Irresponsible parents have obese children: they shouldn’t be breeding.]

3rd March 2006

mr_reed4:56pm: The Victorious
Behold, it is the winners of evolution! Do you want to taste the spoils of victory? Here it lies around you; touch it, that you might feel the texture of the results of your labor.

Here it is: paved and plundered; beaten and defeated. O green world, your tolerance was your weakness. We have won, and all the materials of your creation are ours. Leisure, which you lovingly denied us, is our right by blood of tree and grass and sea and sky and beast; all green will now turn to grey; all fresh will now turn to mud: this is our will.

Lo, cut down the forest, that we might use it’s tinder to light our stoves; pave the earth, that we might commute more easily; tame the beasts, that we might feed upon them. All things now are entitled to us from our Earth and all things hers are now ours, for we have beaten her: she is too shamed to resist us; it is futile anyway: we have stripped her naked and she will freeze for life is a cold thing.

Behold, my brothers, for now individuality reigns and we are all kings! The holistic are losers; they deserve not the spoils they won’t fight for: their love for Earth has crippled them to progress; leave them to what woods we don’t cultivate, that their hard lives in the wild teach them the value of leisure – for nature, she is a harsh and unforgiving mother. And teach your children to scorn the losers should they ever venture into our realm again: they are as cruel as her that is called Earth and would have the weak die, the sick unvaccinated and the poor without welfare!

Feed upon this feast, my comrades, for the table is large and the food is plentiful now. We have painted many pictures of this banquet and scribed many records; we will remember the taste of this sweet milk when we are finished and full. Good sir, you have earned this; let us toil over shortages tomorrow.

Look down from atop our Metropolis Kingdom, brave kindred: nature we are superior to; she belongs below us and our science protects us from her. We will fight her plague to plague should she infect with sickness; should she storm our cities, we will rebuild them; should her rivers dry up and bounty be consumed, we will find a more suitable host. We have set her to bondage and are gods now, and gods do not want for anything!

Never before has there been one as great as us ourselves as there is now; never before has there been one as much as God is as we are now.

Verily, progress is our virtue: the victorious have no need of elevation; we are at the top. So heed me, the defeater of nature and all things worldly, for I have found God from myself and want for nothing: preserve this way; it is all things modern and leisurely. From this our children will know no differently; it is their right—their entitlement—to be the slave-masters of this beautiful Earth: she is cold, brutal and loving, and from her births life unbridled and meaningless death equally—but only man is equal to man; no plant, animal or noble essence may compare!—and it is better to live a life restrained than to die meaninglessly.

Behold the winners of life: we have won, and the Earth, she is our bitch now.


2nd March 2006

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- When writer John Howard Griffin turned his skin from white to dark and traveled the South in 1959 for a firsthand look at the depths of racism, he relied on a simple medical treatment and his wits.

. . .

"Black.White." proceeds with open-minded seriousness as it leads viewers to a conclusion both obvious and powerful: race counts, for better and worse. Expressions of racism and racial identity change, but that bedrock truth remains.

"I didn't realize, more than anything, how hard it was going to be for whites and blacks to see the world through each other's eyes," said executive producer R.J. Cutler. "I didn't realize how genuinely different an experience it is to be a white American and a black American."

[No matter how many TV shows we make about ethnicity and tolerance, race still seems to be a factor in how people behave towards each other. What’s the deal? They probably just need more TV shows.]
DUESSELDORF, Germany (Reuters) - A German court on Thursday convicted a businessman of insulting Islam by printing the word "Koran" on toilet paper and offering it to mosques.

The 61-year-old man, identified only as Manfred van H., was given a one-year jail sentence, suspended for five years, and ordered to complete 300 hours of community service, a district court in the western German town of Luedinghausen ruled.

The conviction comes after a Danish newspaper printed cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad -- sparking violent protests around the world from Muslims who saw the images as sacrilegious and an attack on their beliefs.

[Political Correctness says white people cannot be insensitive to another’s beliefs, even if these “beliefs” mean violently attacking the homes of the white people. Deal with it, white man!]

27th February 2006

mr_reed12:53pm: Muslims 'must accept' free speech
Muslims must accept that freedom of speech is central to Britishness and should be preserved even if it offends people, says Sir Trevor Phillips.

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said we should "allow people to offend each other".

And he suggested that Muslims who wanted a system of Islamic Shariah law should leave the UK.

His comments follow angry protests against cartoons satirising the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

[But these Muslims don’t want freedom of speech; they want retribution for the blasphemous desecration of their prophet by the infidels. Oh, and they still want to live in the UK. Praise Allah and God Save the Queen!]

26th February 2006

ex_miss_dec10:50am: National Socialists!
Introducing natl_socialism a new community focused on understanding the principles of National Socialism. We are not a neo-Nazi group. This is a group specifically designed for people who are interested in the ideals of nationalism, socialism, environmentalism, and tradition.

Mods, please delete if you feel this in inappropriate to your group.

25th February 2006

mr_reed3:01pm: Science is not fact.
For years the mammals living in the era of dinosaurs have been thought of as tiny shrew-like creatures scurrying through the underbrush. Now the discovery of a furry aquatic creature with seal-like teeth and a flat tail like a beaver has demolished that image.

Some 164 million years ago the newly discovered mammal was swimming in lakes in what is now northern China, eating fish and living with dinosaurs.

[Science must have the flexibility to be wrong and adapt. Don’t trust in eugenics because evolution is "true", but on philosophical grounds – on principal – that we might become better humans than we are, and that we can do this of our own will.]
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