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n_eugenics's Journal

Nationalist Eugenics
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Consider for a moment that civilization can head in the wrong direction in spite of abundant comforts. Great societies are created by great people; individuals who have an innate sight and sensitivity towards the complexities of organizing human beings co-operatively en masse. However, as is common in history, when the qualities of a populace cease to conflate with its founding forefathers, it begins a state of decline. Such societies can be sustained for a while by intelligent operators, but lacking the integral nature of civilization builders, they eventually fail. Considering this, it seems advantageous for innate qualities equal to or better than that of the source to be encouraged, embraced and rewarded while discouraging and banishing qualities which don’t stand up.

Natural selection can increase or decrease the frequency of an allele (alternative version of a gene created by mutation) depending on the demands of the environment. Mutation, or change in hereditary material, happens randomly in nature and is the force which creates allele and subsequently fuels the process of evolution. However, not all mutation is “good” or beneficial to the species, and the way with which selection affects the species (or: which allele are best suited for the environment and thus passed on) determines their survival in the long term. Selection that weeds out harmful alleles is called “negative” selection. What increases the frequency of helpful alleles is “positive” selection.

Eugenics is the process of directing evolutionary selection within a lineage for a specific purpose. It decides which traits are beneficial and selects appropriate individuals to breed together in order to produce a population specific in design. Contrary to popular belief, this sort of population cannot be achieved through education, at least not conceivably beyond a generation or two, as it is innate intelligence which created civilization in the first place, and without it, civilization wanes into a state of depression and ignorance as is found today until it eventually disappears altogether. Thus eugenics practices both “positive” and “negative” selection.

When applying eugenics to humans, there are some things to consider. Of course, it’s obvious that the traits selected as worthy are beneficial to both mankind and its environment as a whole, lest the population become self-destructive (i.e. damage its environment irrecompensively) and die out, effectively failing the experiment. Therefore the criterion is selected based upon the integrally good qualities of humankind: high moral character, physical strength and beauty, aesthetic sensibility and intelligence.

It is at this point, the process of isolating the appropriate traits among a population, where nationalism is implemented. In order for a eugenic system, where hereditary qualities are specifically selected, to be effective its components must be limited in gene flow exposure. Gene flow is where organisms of a distantly related population interbreed, introducing new allele into the gene pool. Eugenics must bar gene flow so that new mutations aren’t constantly being introduced into the system, thus continually bringing the entire process to ground zero.

What nationalism is: an understanding that society is both an organic entity with components (us), designed selectively to function within society through the evolution of culture, that operate best in harmony and also a component to a greater whole -- the universe. It is the system which understands that civilizations are not distinguished by political concerns alone, targets the internal qualities that truly identify us and works to give each group enough space that it can serve its orders best. What nationalism isn’t: a degree of the same order as patriotism or racism, as nationalism existed before these things and will exist long after them.

When nationalism is adopted, appropriately allowing each autonomous group to decide the course of their fate (opposed to inter-nationalism, wherein the fate of all is decided by a handful of nations -- more specifically: not the nations themselves but their corrupt leaders – who politically and militarily powerful enough to manipulate international law to their advantage), the process of eugenics can begin. Only at this point will we be poised to curb the idiotic dimwitting that has befallen the modern world: where morons are in charge because they simply outnumber the intelligent and enlightened, and in turn ruin everything for everyone. Forever and ever, amen.