Inertiacide (mr_reed) wrote in n_eugenics,

Border Security: It's Possible?

Total detentions of aliens attempting to sneak across the Mexican border have plummeted an unimaginable 21% in the first 10 days of June compared to the same period last year. This drop occurs at a time when enforcement efforts are at a recent high, due to political concerns, and reflects a precipitous drop in total attempted border crossings. According to an Associated Press report, Jorge Vazquez, a director of “Grupo Beta,” an agency funded by the Mexican government and that works to aid and abet Mexicans seeking to enter the United States illegally, his agents have seen a similar drop in traffic on his side of the border.

The shocking drop-off in human smuggling is attributed to one factor: the arrival of the National Guard on the border. That’s quite an accomplishment for just 55 guardsmen, who did not even arrive until June 3 and are working entirely in support roles with the Border Patrol. What has really stemmed the tide is just the idea that troops are coming to the border—a fact that has found widespread exaggeration in the Mexican media.

[You hear one-world sympathizers and Mexican nationalists say again and again that walls don’t work; the border cannot be effectively secured, they moan. It appears they’re wrong or, more likely, just lying. Were our orders saner we would have ALL National Guard (those who guard the nation) at home securing the borders instead of in distant lands, dying to secure political and corporate special interests.]
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