Inertiacide (mr_reed) wrote in n_eugenics,

White Power

When we look at the second problem of white societies unacknowledged by white power groups, we get into a more complex situation: what is the ideal design for a society? If we thought clearly, we might say:

(a) Leadership by the capable: genius intelligence, conscientious application, empathic understanding but given toward seeing the whole picture and not the conflicting demands of individuals.

(b) Does not trash its environment through reckless industry and overpopulation (the primary threat to our environment is land overuse, as with sufficient natural land to absorb, process and counter our pollution through oxygen production, it can deal with us just fine -- yet when we occupy almost all of the land that can be civilized, whether with farms or factories, we destroy that nurturing support structure).

(c) Has healthy values that place creativity, sobriety, sexual selectivity and marital fidelity, heroism and transcendence above temporary pleasures such as physical satiation and seizure of power or acting out of emotional desires (revenge, hatred, desire to be loved through popularity).

(d) Gives to each of us a place where we can contribute meaningfully, and returns the rest of our time to us. The average person works 8-10 hours and commutes nearly two per day; this leaves 4-6 hours for paying bills, haggling with service providers, fixing up the house, spending time with family, spending time with friends, etc., per day. Weekends for most people consist of a day for errands and a day for rest, with one or two nights of recreation in between. This amounts to too little time for a quietude of contemplation and devotion to family and friends and society in a meaningful way; instead, we get token applications of each and, because people are constantly exhausted, lots of television watching.

(e) Produces higher culture, learning, arts and heroes.

(f) Rewards those of a higher nature, and ushers the criminal, mentally defective, stupid, ugly and petty-minded toward evolutionary extinction.

White societies lack all of these things, and have now for centuries. Until we fix these roots of the problem, all of the symptoms will re-invent themselves even if some genocidal master plan is implemented to clear out all non-whites (which would be a shame, seeing how most of them were invited here by white people as labor, and in innocence believe they can find a "better" life here, although what they really mean by that is greater wealth and technology). Our problem is that our people do not agree on a sensible course of action, together, because they are too busy with individual pursuits of pleasure, wealth, comfort. We are divided and surrounded by (white) people of low quality. White power organizations ignore that reality, and prefer to send us on a wild goose chase after non-whites, so that white privilege can take the place of actually fixing our society. Not only does this ignore the problem, but by offering a placebo solution, perpetuates it.
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