Inertiacide (mr_reed) wrote in n_eugenics,

Study: White kids most likely to abuse inhalants

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Kids who try to get high by sniffing glue, lighter fluid and other chemicals are more likely to be white and come from families that make more than double the poverty level, according to a federal study.

Seventy percent were white; and first-time users were as likely to be girls as boys -- at 50.5 percent female to 49.5 percent male.

Inhaling chemicals can cause a quick, powerful high similar to the effects of drinking alcohol, according to the the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The symptoms are short-lived, so abusers often use the chemicals repeatedly to maintain their high.

The chemicals can cause serious side effects including seizures, asphyxiation, comas, heart failure and death.


[You have no values, white man, and you're breeding glue-snuffers. We don’t need any more of your kind; get your act together or get lost.]
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